Indian capital set to allow rooftop solar panels


IAC Staff

If all goes well, residents of the Indian capital will be able to soon put up solar panels on their rooftops to meet their electricity needs.

The Delhi state government is expected to approve a new policy next month, making it easy for households and government buildings to install the panels in its efforts to generate up to 1,000 megawatt of solar power by 2020.

Solar panels could also be installed on top of bus stands, recommends the policy that is expected to be taken up by the state cabinet in November.

The plan is to double the solar power generation capacity in the national capital to 2,000 megawatt by 2025.

Officials have said that families will be able to recover their investments on solar installation in about seven years. Given that the average age of solar panels in round 25 years, residents will be able to enjoy free power for up to 18 years.


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