Maggi might return to Indian kitchens this month


Nestle India has said that it planned to relaunch Maggi noodles within this month afer government laboratories cleared its samples with lead below permissible levels.

It said in a statement that the all-clear from the labs validates its position that Maggi noodles were safe to eat. The brand was banned after food regulators charged they contained lead beyond permissible limits.

The statement said that Nestlé India has conducted over 3,500 tests representing over 200 million packs in both national as well as international accredited laboratories for testing and all reports are clear. “In addition to these, various countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and others have found MAGGI Noodles exported from India safe for consumption,” the statement added.

Nestle, which had ordered a recall that cost it $67 million, had all along maintained that the noodles were safe to eat and went to court to challenge the ban.

“We are presently manufacturing MAGGI Noodles at three of our locations, at Nanjangud (Karnataka), Moga (Punjab) and Bicholim (Goa) and for the other two locations at Tahliwal and Pantnagar, we are engaging with the relevant authorities in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to obtain directions for commencing manufacture of MAGGI Noodles,” the statement added.

Maggi has one one of Nestle’s best selling brand in India since its introduction three decades ago and the ban on the noodles pushed its latst quarterly profits down by as much as 60 percent.



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