India seeks international co-operation on clean energy

India is seeking co-operation from other countries on technical and financial fronts to promote generation of power from renewable energy sources, according to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. On technical side, the National Institute of Solar Energy  is collaborating with premium institutions/ laboratories in the US, Japan and Germany on performance evaluation, long-term operational reliability and indoor-performance testing of different technology modules.

The ministry said in its annual review said the National Institute of Wind Energy, in collaboration with specialised institutions of Denmark, the US, Spain and Germany, is working in the areas such as wind forecasting, offshore wind, aero-structural design and training on testing inter-laboratory comparisons.

On the financial side, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency  has lines of credit from bilateral and multilateral institutions to extend credit to viable renewable energy projects in India.

India and the US signed an MoU to set up PACE Setter Funds with a contribution of US$4 million from each side to provide grants for seed capital for innovative clean energy projects. The PACE Setter Funds were formally launched on August 19, 2015 in New Delhi.

India and France signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on April 10, 2015 to set up the basis for a co-operative institutional relationship to encourage and promote technical bilateral co-operation on the new and renewable energy issues, on the basis of mutual benefit, equality and reciprocity, the ministry said.

India and the Seychelles signed an MoU on renewable energy co-operation in March 2015 to strengthen, promote and develop renewable energy co-operation between the two countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.


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