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Oil hits fresh lows, Asian stocks subdued

Asian share markets got off to a lackluster start on Monday following a dive on Wall Street, though losses were limited by a general lack of investor interest in a holiday-heavy week.

Brent crude at 2008 low as market rout heads into Christmas

Brent crude prices fell on Monday to their lowest since 2008 on renewed worries over a global oil glut, with production around the world remaining at or near record highs and new supplies looming from Iran and the United States.

Dollar steady in subdued trade ahead of holidays

The dollar was steady in Asian trading on Monday, as holiday calm replaced the previous week’s heavy market action driven by monetary policy moves in the United States and Japan.

How an Australian Mining Town Became a Solar Power Trailblazer

Broken Hill spawned the world’s largest mining company and generated more than $75 billion in wealth. Now as its minerals ebb, Australia’s longest-lived mining city is looking to tap a more abundant resource.

Siberian Surprise: Russian Oil Patch Just Keeps Pumping

In the fight for market share among the world’s oil producers this year, Russia wasn’t supposed to be a contender, but the world’s No. 3 producer has been pumping at the fastest pace since the collapse of the Soviet Union.



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