Global neem extract demand seen rising, India to benefit

The global demand for neem extract is expected to rise significantly, specially for bio-pesticides, with the European market being the key growth driver, a report said.

The increase in global demand will benefit a small number of counties, including India that exports to the U.S., Vietnam, North Korea, Spain, and Italy. Neem extract refer to oils, pastes, powders, cakes and other related products obtained through leaves, seeds, fruits and barks of the neem tree, said the report by P&S Market Research.

It said the global neem extract market was booming due to the growing interest towards bio-based products, adding that there was shift from bio-based fertilisers made from crop and animanl waste to neem-based fertilisers and pesticides.

“With a vast access to neem plantation in the region coupled with growing awareness of people about the benefits of neem in agriculture and livestock feeding, these countries lay significant opportunities for neem extract market in the medium and long term Brazil and China have observed neem as a highly beneficial tree which is leading them to invest in its plantations,” a statement quoted the report as saying.

While China has already started investing in neem plantations, Brazil is looking for private sector investors for the same. This not only hints at their domestic neem extract consumption growth but also provides increasing opportunities for its international trade, the statement said.

With the growing awareness among people towards the harmful effects of chemical based cosmetics on skin, hair and other body parts, the significance of neem based products have risen to a considerable extent, it said, adding there was a renewed push towards using neem’s medicinal benefits.

A large range of neem based cosmetic and personal care products including bathing soap, face cream, face wash and shampoos are now being used in the North American and the European countries, it said.


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