Frost bite troubles in India’s Nilgiri tea plantations

Low temperatures have caused frost bite at some tea plantations in the Nilgiris, according to tea growers in the region. Consequently, tea production is likely to be severely hit. Besides, untimely rains in November and December also retarded the growth of tea leaves.

The Nilgiris Bought Leaf Tea Manufacturers’ Association said production had fallen by about 60 percent with factories receiving just 20,000 kg of green leaves for processing each week against 50,000 to 60,000 kg in normal circumstances.

The Tea Board of India said South India’s Bought Leaf Factories (BLF) production fell by 3.8 percent year-on-year over April-October 2015 to 155.8 million kgs. The Board said production increased marginally in the northern regions. It said North India’s production increased by 7.22 million kgs during gthe first six months of fiscal 2016 to 798.39 million kgs.

The Board also said tea exports over April-October 2015 increased by 7.25 percent year-on-year in volume terms and by 4.2 percent to Rs 2318.07 crore (Rs 23.18 billion) in value terms.

The Board said that major importers such as the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the UAE, Iran and Bangladesh had increased imports.

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