Chinese city bats for smog-free meat


The environmental watchdog in Dazhou, in China’s Sichuan province, will provide more than 100 machines and equipment to allow residents to smoke meat in an enclosed environment without polluting the air, China Daily said.

It said the bid is aimed at reducing smog, since the practice of smoking meat contributes to pollution in Sichuan’s easternmost city, according to Wang Huaiyan, chief of the city’s environmental protection bureau.

Residents will be able to share the equipment, which will prevent smoke from escaping. Officials did not say whether use of the equipment will be free.

It is a tradition for people in Sichuan to eat smoked meat during Spring Festival, which runs from February 8 to 22 this year.

“Almost 99 percent of local families would smoke meat before the Spring Festival. People who smoke meat can be found from the foot to the top of Fenghuang Mountain,” Yu Canghai, a Dazhou city official, was quoted as saying.

During the run-up to the festival, the air in Dazhou is more polluted than usual. The local government has blamed the smoking of bacon as the major cause of smog since early last year, the newspaper said.

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