India’s Rabi crops sowing crosses 590 lakh hectares 


The total area sown under Rabi crops as on January 28 stood at 591.51 lakh hectares, lower than the area sown at the same time last year, the agriculture ministry said.

It said preliminary reports from the states showed wheat has been sown/transplanted in 292.52 lakh hectares, pulses in 139.08 lakh hectares, coarse cereals in 60.08 lakh hectares. Area sown under oilseeds is 77.43 lakh hectares and Rice is 22.41 lakh hectares, it said.

The area sown so far and that sown during last year this time is as follows:

Lakh hectare 

Crop Area sown in 2015-16 Area sown in 2014-15
Wheat 292.52 305.94
Pulses 139.08 143.01
Coarse Cereals 60.08 56.76
Oilseeds 77.43 79.51
Rice 22.41 24.08
Total 591.51 609.31

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