India for big push to ethanol blending of petrol – minister

India is committed to time-bound execution of initiatives towards the introduction of ethanol-based petrol and bio diesel in the country, the petroleum minister said.

According to a government statement, Dharmendra Pradhan told a seminar that national oil companies had already invited bids for 120 crore litre of ethanol for blending in petrol for sugar year 2015-16, which would be approximately 5 percent (approx) of the country’s total petrol consumption.

India aims to raise this to 10 percent.

Pradhan said ethanol-blended petrol will not only help in value addition for the farmer’s produce, but will also reduce foreign exchange expenditure. He said that added benefits of blended petrol would be in the form of employment generation, entrepreneurship promotion and environment protection.

While there was demand for ethanol for blending with petrol, there were technological and financial challenges which needed to be overcome, the minister said, calling upon various government departments, academic and research institutions to work together to find solutions.



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