India to procure 300 lakh tonnes of wheat in the 2016-17 Rabi marketing season

The Indian government will buy 300 lakh tonnes of wheat from farmers during the 2016-17 Rabi marketing season (RMS), the same amount as in the last season, a government statement said.

It said he actual procurement of wheat during RMS 2015-16 was 280.88 lakh MT, inspite of the wheat crop getting affected due to untimely rains and hailstorms during last March-April.

The State-wise break-up of the target of wheat procurement during RMS 2016-17 is as follows: 

  State Target for Wheat Procurement (lakh MT)


1. Punjab 110.00
2. Haryana 65.00
3. Madhya Pradesh 68.00
4. Uttar Pradesh 30.00
5. Rajasthan 18.00
6. Bihar 7.00
7. Uttarakhand 1.00
8. Gujarat 0.85
9. Other States 0.15
                   Total 300.00

The government has also asked states to procure 50 lakh tonnes of paddy over and above the target of 300 lakh tonnes set for the Kharif crop. Targets for paddy procurement for rice from the winter/ summer Kharif season is as follows: 

  State Target for Paddy Procurement in terms of Rice (lakh MT)


1. Andhra Pradesh 16.70
2. Telangana 6.30
3. Odisha 8.00
4. Tamil Nadu 9.50
5. Kerala 2.70
6. West Bengal 6.80
                    Total 50.00



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