Commerce ministry denies Chinese steel being dumped in Europe

Chinese steelmakers are not engaged in dumping of surplus goods into the European Union (EU), the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said.

In response to an EU anti-dumping probe, MOC spokesperson Shen Danyang said that low preliminary tariffs were not evidence of dumping by China, Chinee media reported.

Overcapacity is a worldwide industry problem and efforts by Chinese government and enterprises to restructure the steel industry and reduce excess capacity have made headways, Shen said.

China hopes to deal with overcapacity together with the EU, and protectionism will exacerbate the situation, he said.

Thousands of European steel employees and employers in Brussels this week, protsting against cheap imports from China that is shutting is down steel mills and taking away jobs.

Worried that cheap steel from China may prejudice its domestic interests, the European Commission is looking into imports of steel used to reinforce concrete and has imposed provisional duty on them.

In a separate case, the EU is expected rescind anti-dumping measures on Chinese fasteners in three weeks as the World Trade Organization ruled in January that the measures broke international trade rules.

“We have not verified the news yet, but if that were true, it would be a welcome step against protectionism,” said Shen. “We hope the EU revokes the measures as soon as possible. ”


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