India’s mineral production rose marginally in December 2015 – government


The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector rose to 137.5 in last December, up 2.9 percent year-on-year, the government said in a statement.

It said the cumulative growth for the period April- December 2015 was up 2.3 percent over the corresponding period of previous year.

The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic & minor minerals) in the country during December 2015 was Rs. 20,096 crore, with coal contributing the highest at Rs. 9,132 crore (43%), the statement said.

Petroleum (crude) contributed Rs. 5,598 crore, natural gas (utilized) Rs. 2,187 crore, Iron ore Rs. 1,604 crore, limestone Rs. 479 crore and lignite Rs.356 crore. These six minerals together contributed about 96 percent of the total value of mineral production in December 2015, the statement added.

Production level of important minerals in December 2015 were: Coal 623 lakh tonnes, Lignite 29 lakh tonnes (-29.8 percent), Natural gas (utilized) 2644  million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 31 lakh tonnes (-4.1 percent), Bauxite 1758 thousand tonnes, Chromite 277 thousand tonnes (30.7 percent), Copper conc. 13 thousand tonnes (71.8 percent), Gold 117 kg., Iron ore 127 lakh tonnes (9.8 percent), Lead conc. 21 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore 180 thousand tonnes, Zinc conc. 123,000 tonnes, Apatite & Phosphorite 117,000 tonnes, Limestone 231 lakh tonnes, Magnesite 23,000  tonnes  and Diamond  3,336 carat (16.1 percent) .



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