Normal monsoon this year could help Indian agriculture grow by 6 percent – report

India’s agriculture growth could touch 6 percent in the 2016-17 fiscal id monsoon rains are normal, the Economic Times newspaper quoted an official of the government’s top think tank as saying.”After two back-to-back drought years, we should not be surprised if we achieve 6 per cent agriculture growth in 2016-17,” Niti Aayog’s Ramesh Chand said, adding that higher growth was recorded after the drought years 2003-04 and 2010-11.

Poor monsoon rains hit India’s critical agri sector for the past two straight years and India’s meteorological department’s forecast for 2016-17 is expected in the last week of April, the newspaper said.

“The closest inference we can take is from 2010-11, when agriculture growth was 8.6 per cent. This was after 2008-09 recorded 0.09 per cent agriculture growth rate, and 2009-10 when agriculture growth was 0.81 per cent,” Chand said.

Half of India’s population lives off agriculture, which contributes about 18 percent to the country’s GDP.



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