China’s soybean imports hit 81.7 million tons in 2015 – report

China imported nearly 82 million tons of soybean products in 2015, accounting for about 88 percent of its total demand, the Ministry of Agriculture said

Most of the imported soybean products was genetically modified and the Xinhua news agency quoted the ministry as saying that China will plant more non-GMO soybean and improve yields to fill the gap between supply and demand.

China, which became the world’s largest net importer of soybean in 1996 with a total import of about one million tons, will expand its soybean planting area to 9.3 million hectares by 2020, Xinhua reported.

The ministry said China will focus on cash crops and industrial crops for industrialization of genetically modified crops in the current five-year period, adding that research and development of insect-resistant cotton and corn will be beefed up.

For genetically modified crops, China currently only allows the plantation of insect-resistant cotton and antiviral papaya for commercial purposes. Its genetically modified imports include soybean, corn, rape-seed oil, cotton and sugar beet, Xinhua said.





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