South Indian tea exporters plan to double exports to Malaysia, Indonesia – report

Tea exporters from South india are exploring opportunities to double their exports to Malaysia and Indonesia by joining hands with the tea industry in those countries, the Business Standard newspaper reported, quoting industry officials.

It said the exporters’ organisation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with trade representatives in Malaysia to double exports and to create a brand which will cater both domestic and export markets.

With Indonesian industry, Indian exporters are exploring to see whether they can create new blended products for that market, the newspaper said.

It said a delegation South India Tea Exporters’ Association (SITEA) members had visited Malaysia and Indonesia last week and an MoU has been signed with with the Tea Trade Association of Malaysia.

Indonesia imports between 3-4 million kgs from India, again major chunk of it are from South India, the report said.


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