India says sufficient sugar available despite lower production  

India would have about 30-31 million million tonne (MT) sugar stock available for the next sugar season 2016-17 despite lower production, which would be sufficient to meet the domestic need, the government said in a statement.

Sugar production during 2016-17 season is estimated 23-24 million MT. Coupled with estimated carry over stock of 7.3 million MT from the current sugar season, the availability of sugar for the domestic consumption will 30 – 31 million MT against the demand of about 25.5 million MT. Hence there will be no shortage of domestically produced sugar in India, the statement said.

During the current sugar season 2015-16, India had started with a carryover stock of 9 million MT from the last season. The production of sugar has been estimated at about 25.3 million MT in the current season.

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