Russia says it is world’s biggest wheat exporter


Russia has become the world’s biggest wheat exporter, leaving Canada and the United States behind, the agriculture minister was quoted as saying.

Alexander Tkachev said Russia’s exports in the current agricultural year will touch about 25 million tonnes.

“The wheat export figure [is] about 25 mln tonnes. We have become the global leaders in wheat export and therefore outrun such countries as Canada and the United States,” Tkachev was quoted as saying by the Tass news agency.

According to the agriculture ministry, Russia set records last year in harvesting corn (13.2 million tonnes), rice (1.1 million tonnes), soybeans (2.7 million tonnes), and buckwheat (900,000 tonnes).

Total grain harvest amounted to 104.8 million tonnes last year. The official grain export outlook for this year amounts to 33 million tonnes, Tass reported.



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