Late arrival of monsoon will not impact India’s crop sowing

The late arrival of monsoon won’t impact India’s crop swing, as rains are expected to progress rapidly inland after landing on the southern shores on June 7.

Chief of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) Laxman Singh Rathore told media that he expected above-average rainfall this year after two years of drought that has increased rural stress.

The monsoon usually areaches the southern shores of Kerala by June 1, before spreading inland and eventually covering most of the vast country swealtering in heat at the moment.

It is preceeded by the pre-monsoon showers, which have already hit Kerala and neighbouring Tamil Nadu, preparing farmers to plan sowing crops such as rice, cotton, soybean, sugarcane and maize.

The rains are critical to India, as 50 percent of its population lives in villages and agriculture is a key economic sector.



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