China aiming for “Made in Tibet” coffee

Starbucks opened it first outlet in Tibet last year and now the Chinese are trying to grow coffee there in an experiment that they feel could create a “Made in Tibet” coffee brand.

According to Xinhua news agency, agri experts have supervised locals to plant 500 grams of coffee seeds from Yunnan province in a field in Tibet’s Zayu county.

“The seedlings have grown well since planting a month ago, the official said, and if the experiment is successful, coffee crops will be grown elsewhere in Tibet,” Xinhua said.

It said Zayu, located in the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, has an average elevation of 2,300 meters and boasts a mild climate with abundant rainfall and sunshine, which makes it suitable for coffee plants.

Currently coffee is produced in China’s Hainan and Yunnan province.

The trial plantation is being supervised by members

“We hope a coffee industry can take shape here and ‘made-in-Tibet coffee’ becomes a known brand,” Xinhua quoted a local official as saying.


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