India likely to scrap export duty on sugar to boost exports against a bumper production

India is likely to remove export duty on sugar to boost shipments in view of fall in domestic prices on estimated rise in production, the Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry said.

At present, there is 20 per cent export duty on sugar.

Sugar production is estimated to rise to nearly 24.9 million tonnes in the 2017-18 season (October-September) from 20.2 million tonnes in the previous year, the ministry said.

The sugar industry has pegged production at 26 million tonnes this year and the government will review its estimates based on input from sugar producing states. The domestic demand is 24-25 million tonnes annually.

In view of rise in sugar output, the ministry said, the government has already doubled import duty to 100 per cent to check cheaper imports from overseas markets, particularly Pakistan. Additionally, the government has also put quantitative restrictions on sugar mills for domestic sales for two months to rein in falling prices of the sweetener.


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