Three new varieties of rice developed in India’s West Bengal state

Scientists in India’s West Bengal have discovered three new varieties of rice, which will ensure further increase in paddy production in the state.

The new varieties — Bhupesh, Rajdip and Dhruba — will be cultivated across the state, and production has already started in some places.

Production in the state has increased in the past few years, with several steps being taken by the government. Besides organising training programmes for farmers, tools required for agriculture were also distributed among them.

“All the three varieties of rice will ensure further increase in paddy production in the state,” said Asish Banerjee, the state agriculture minister.

The state agriculture department has chalked out an elaborate plan to ensure that all the three varieties are produced in the entire state. The varieties of aromatic flavor will further increase demand of rice from Bengal.

At the same time, a new variety of jute has also been discovered by scientists of the state agriculture department. The name of the new variety of jute is ARO 4 and its cultivation will help farmers make additional profit, as production cost is comparatively less.

West Bengal is the highest producer of rice in the country.

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