Pulse flour to dominate the consumer market worldwide – study

Consumers worldwide are shifting preference to pulse flour thanks to its higher protein and nutritional value, according to a new market study.

The global market for pulse flour is likely to see a robust growth, increasing at an annual growth of 10.7% between the 2017 and 2026, the Future Market Insights study said.

The global market for pulse flour is also estimated to reach $ 28.824.1 million revenue towards 2026 end.

The consumer’s demand for bakery products continues to increase worldwide. However the consumer is becoming more health conscious and looking out for more gluten free options.

It is also been noted that manufacturers are taking things to the next level as well. They are now providing consumers with various online platforms to design their own premixes, to increase their consumer bases in the market

Indeed, the global market is going to keep growing, as the consumer is seriously looking for protein rich, nutritious, and gluten-free options. Most of the food and beverage manufacturers demand pulse flour as pulse flour is used in various food and beverage applications.

In comparison to other gluten free flour options available in the market, pulse flours in comparison, have a large number of health as well as functional benefits.

Pulse flour offers health benefits like reduction in cholesterol levels, diabetes control and improvement in the immune function. Functional benefits include high binding tendency. These benefits have increased the popularity for pulse flour in the resent times.

Of these, chickpea flour is going to emerge as the top selling product between 2017 and 2026.

The chickpea segment dominated the market in 2017, followed by bean, lentil, and pea segments. The presence of nutritional elements, like iron, potassium, magnesium, and selenium, coupled with health benefits such as lowering the cholesterol and improving heart health, controlling diabetics levels, preventing

Colorectal Cancer, among others, is expected to increase the market share of chickpea during the forecast period. By application, the pulse flour market has been bifurcated into bakery, beverages, extruded snacks, and others.

The bakery segment again, is expected to hold the dominant market share during the forecast period.

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