India’s Coffee Board cuts 2017-18 crop output forecast by 9.82 per cent

India’s Board’s final crop estimate based on crop harvest for 2017-18 is placed at 316,000 tonnes comprising 95,000 tonnes of arabica and 221,000 tonnes of robusta.

There is an overall decline of 34,400 tonnes (-9.82 per cent) over the post blossom estimate of 2017-18 which projected 350,400 tonnes, said a statement from the board.

The board said during the year, the arabica production declined by 7.86 per cent and robusta by 10.63 per cent over the post blossom crop estimate. However, when compared to final crop of previous year 2016-17, there is a marginal increase of 4000 tonnes.

Among the states, the final estimate for Karnataka, the largest producer, is placed at 222,300 tonnes comprising 69,025 tonnes of arabica and 153,275 tonnes of robusta, recording overall drop of 11.70 per cent over the post-blossom estimate of 2017-18.

The arabica production went down by 8.33 per cent and robusta by 13.14 per cent over the post blossom estimate.

In Kerala, which is mainly robusta coffee producing region, the final estimate of 2017-18 is placed at 65,735 tonnes, down by 4.06 per cent.

In Tamil Nadu, which is mainly arabica coffee producing region, the final production fell nearly 9 per cent to 17,440 tonnes. The final crop estimate for the non-traditional areas (NTAs) and north eastern region (NER) is placed at 10,525 tonnes, a marginal decline of 435 tonnes.

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