India’s oilmeals exports down by 33.56 per cent in June 2018

India’s export of oilmeals during June 2018 has dropped by 33.56 per cent as compared to June 2017 even though the overall export during April to June 2018 is reported at 654,774 tonnes compared to 599,346 tonnes during the same period of last year, up by 9 per cent, the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) said in its latest report.

The export of rapeseed meal has sharply increased to nearly 135,000 tonnes (90 per cent), in first three months, mainly due to higher exports to South Korea and Thailand.

The ongoing trade dispute between USA and China has created a lot of uncertainty and forcing China to look out towards other sources for their requirements of soybean and oilmeals. This has compelled China to relook its ban imposed for importing of oilmeals from India since 2012. This will open up Chinese market for India, SEA said.

The sssociation has requested commerce ministry to seek clarification from Chinese authority about phytosanitory certificate conditions. Prior to ban in 2012, China used to import nearly half a million tonnes of oilmeals comprising rapeseed meal 3.5 to 4.0 lakh tonnes and 1.0 lakh tonnes of soybean meal from India.

During April – June 2018 Vietnam imported 116,839 tonnes of oilmeals (compared to 86,458 tonnes); consisting of 7,160 tonnes of soybean meal, 32,506 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 77,173 tonnes of de-oiled rice bran extraction.

South Korea imported 132,618 tonnes (compared to 233,812 tonnes) ; consisting 121,741 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 10,303 tonnes of soybean meal and 574 tonnes of castor meal.

Thailand imported 101,243 tonnes of oilmeals (compared to 35,169 tonnes); consisting 4,747 tonnes of soybean meal, 5,729 tonnes of de-oiled rice bran extraction, and 90,731 tonnes of rapeseed meal.

France imported 42,550 tonnes of oilmeals (compared to 5,241 tonnes); consisting of 41,099 tonnes of soybean meal and 1,451 tonnes of castor meal.

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