ISMA says India’s sugar production up by 6.7% till Dec 31


India’s sugar production till December 31, 2018 was up by 6.7 per cent to 110.52 lakh tonnes as compared to 103.56 lakh tonnes in the same period last year, industry body Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said in its latest report.

As on the last day of 2018, 501 sugar mills were in operation in the country as against 505 sugar mills in the corresponding period last year.

“The slightly higher production of 6.96 lac tonnes is because Maharashtra and Karnataka sugar mills started their crushing earlier this year. However, due to substantially lower rainfall and white grub infestation, Maharashtra will produce significantly lower quantity this year as compared to last. Overall, the country is expected to produce much less sugar this season as compared to last,” said an ISMA release.

In Uttar Pradesh, 117 sugar mills are in operation and they have crushed about 286 lakh tonnes of sugarcane and produced 31 lakh tonnes as on 31st December, 2018, with an average recovery of 10.84 per cent. In 2017-18 SS, 116 sugar mills were in operation on 31st December, 2017 and they had crushed around 328 lac tons of cane to produce 33.3 lakh tonnes of sugar with an average recovery of 10.14 per cent.

However, the yield per hectare is lower than last season and hence the sugar production in U.P. is estimated to be lower than last season for the whole year.

In Maharashtra, 184 sugar mills, which are in operation, have produced 43.98 lakh tonnes till 31st December, 2018, as against 183 sugar mills which produced 38.39 lakh tonnes last year, ISMA said. From the beginning of the season and till 31st December, 2018, average sugar recovery per cent in the State stands at 10.50 per cent as against 10.23 per cent achieved for the corresponding period of 2017-18 SS. Due to lower availability of cane in Maharashtra and early start, the mills therein would be closing much earlier than last year.

A total of 63 sugar mills in Karnataka are in operation on 31st December, 2018, who have produced 20.45 lakh tonnes of sugar, as compared to 16.83 lakh tonnes produced by 63 sugar mills in 2017-18 SS on tDecember 31, 2017, according to ISMA.

In Gujarat, 16 sugar mills are operating for 2018-19 SS and they have produced 4.3 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st December, 2018. In 2017-18 SS, 17 sugar mills were in operation on December 31, 2017, who had produced 3.77 lakh tonnes of sugar till that date.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 23 sugar mills have produced 2.15 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st December, 2018. While, 25 sugar mills were in operation on 31st December’2017 who had produced 2.10 lakh tonnes of sugar on the corresponding date.

In Tamil Nadu, 27 sugar mills are in operation as compared to similar number of mills in operation on 31st December last year. Sugar mills in Tamil Nadu have produced 1.40 lakh tonnes of sugar till 31st December 2018 as against 0.96 lakh tonnes produced last year on the corresponding date.

Mills of Bihar have produced 2.30 lakh tonnes, Haryana 1.60 lakh tonnes, Punjab 1.20 lakh tonnes, Uttarakhand 0.87 lakh tonnes and Madhya Pradesh 1.20 lakh tonnes, till 31st December 2018, ISMA said.

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