AMR a global threat to public health, food safety


An estimated 700 000 people die each year from antimicrobial resistant (AMR) infections and an untold number of sick animals may not be responding to treatment, the U.N. food agency has said.

According to the FAO, AMR is a significant global threat to public health, food safety and security, as well as to livelihoods, animal production and economic and agricultural development.

The intensification of agricultural production has led to a rising use of antimicrobials – a use that is expected to more than double by 2030, the FAO said in a report.

It said antimicrobials are important for the treatment of animal and plant diseases, but must be used responsibly and only when needed.

To stay ahead of antimicrobial resistance and keep our antimicrobials effective for as long as possible, we need to invest in good agricultural practices that prioritize infection prevention and we need to have the right policies in place to support these sustainable agricultural practices, the FAO said.

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