Water levels in reservoirs decline by 2% this week: CWC

The cumulative water storage in major reservoirs in the country dropped by 2 per cent over the last week to 54 billion cubic metre (BCM), or 33 per cent of total storage capacity, said a statement from the Central Water Commission (CWC).

The situation however is slightly better than in the corresponding period last year, said the CWC, which monitors 91 major reservoirs.

The total water available in live storage of 91 reservoirs in the country being monitored by CWC was 55.923 BCM as on 14 March, 2019. This is 35 per cent of the total live storage capacity of these reservoirs and 100 per cent of storage of average of last ten years. The overall storage position is more than the corresponding period of last year in the country as a whole and is equal to the average storage of last ten years during the corresponding period

The worst hit was the western region, which is already reeling under a drought. The total water storage in 27 reservoirs in western India region is 7.08 BMC, which is 23 per cent of the live storage capacity. The water storage during the corresponding week last year was 34 per cent.

The condition is equally bad in the southern region, with storage plummeting to 25 per cent of total live storage, or 13.15 BCM. The average storage in the same period last year was 27 per cent of the total capacity of 51.59 BCM.

The northern region, on other hand, is faring better compared to last year. As compared to 29 per cent of the total live capacity in the corresponding week last year, water storage stood at 49 per cent this week, the CWC statement said.

Average water storage in reservoirs in eastern and central regions this week was 47 (against 48) per cent and 38 (32) per cent, respectively.

A total of thirty reservoirs have storage more than last year while 41 reservoirs have storage more than average of last ten years. Only four reservoirs have storage less than 20 per cent with respect to last year’s while 16 reservoirs have storage less than or equal to 50 per cent of last year’s, the CWC statement said.

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