India’s wheat production estimated at 25.16 million tonnes


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The government of India has estimated the country’s wheat production at 25.16 million tonnes in the 2018-19 Rabi crop sowing season. The estimate came in a meeting of the Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA).

The FCA, which was tasked with overseeing strategic measures to ensure food security in the country, reviewed harvests of Rabi crops and fixed targets for 2019-20 Kharif crops.

Among Rabi crops, the committee noted that wheat production in the 2018-19 season was estimated as on April 7, 2019 at 25.16 million tonnes from an area of 8.83 million hectares.

Coupled with last year’s leftover stock of 3 million tonnes, the total wheat availability will be about 28.16 million tonnes, which is well above the annual national requirement.

The committee was informed that gram production in 2018-19 had been estimated at 439,000 tonnes from an area of 943,700 hectares. It also discussed the production of other essential crops like lentil, potato, onion and tomato.

The committee set the target of cotton production at 15 million bales in the Kharif season.

It held comprehensive deliberations on production targets for essential Kharif crops and decided that 2.895 million hectares would be planted with the cotton crop in 2019-20 to achieve harvest of 15 million bales.

For the rice crop, the production target was set at 7.433 million tonnes from an area of 2.88 million hectares.

It set the production target for sugarcane at 68.583 million tonnes by cultivating the crop over an area of 1.184 million hectares.

The Meteorological Department told the FCA that normal to slightly above normal rainfall was likely in May across the country. However, based on a gradual increase in temperature, an effective use of available water stock was recommended, it said.

The committee was informed that the supply of rice and maize seeds would be higher than the country’s requirement, which was estimated at 121.28% and 112.83% respectively.

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