Gujarat kharif sowing reaches 98% of normal area

Farmers in Gujarat have completed sowing in 82.80 lakh hectare or around 98 per cent of normal plantation area as of September 3, data available with the office of directorate of agriculture of Gujarat shows.

Cotton acreage has crossed the normal range of 25.86 lakh hectares and stands at 26.64 lakh hectares. It amounts to 103 per cent of average of the last three years. However, it is marginally lower than 27.03 lakh hectares (98.56 per cent) recorded during the corresponding time last year.

Groundnut acreage reached around 15.50 lakh hectares as of September 3, forms around 19 per cent of the state’s total 82.80 lakh hectares and around 99 per cent of the last three year’s average acreage of 15.70 lakh hectares.

Food grain crops, including paddy, peal millet, jowar and maize, have been sown in a total of 13.40 lakh hectares or 99 per cent of their average and marginally higher than 13.15 lakh hectares reported during the corresponding period last year.

Paddy has been sown in 8.23 lakh hectares, amounts to 103.18 per cent per cent of average of the last three years.

Acreage of oilseeds, which include groundnut, sesame seeds, castor and soya bean etc. stands at 23.41 lakh hectares or 98 per cent of their average.

Meanwhile, acreage of pulses is lagging at just 68 per cent of its average. Farmers have sown pulses, including red gram, green gram, moth bean and black gram etc. in total 3.94 lakh hectares. That is significantly low as compared to 4.31 reported at this time of the year last season.

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