Global coffee’s biggest show comes to India for its Asian debut


The 5th edition of World Coffee Conference, the biggest event of the global coffee industry, will be hosted in India next year in Bengaluru. Organised by  International Coffee Organization (ICO), which operates under the aegis of the United Nation and has 78 member countries, the event will be held from September 7th to 9th 2020.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Karnataka government will be partnering in organizing the show, which is billed to be the biggest event of the coffee industry.

At a time when global coffee prices are declining since 2016 due to excessive production in some leading growing countries like Brazil and Vietnam, the show will be built around the thematic punchline ‘Sustainability Through Consumption’.

It is expected to be attended by over 1000 international delegates from member countries comprising eminent international speakers, exhibitors and will have buyer sellers meets, skill building workshops, etc as the defining features.

Speaking at the curtain raiser event in Delhi on Tuesday, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal maintained that the conference holds immense strategic importance for India as the country is on a rising curve in the global coffee business. “ It should become a catalyst for innovations and attracting investment to the sector in India. I commit the full support of the Ministry of Commerce and all its agencies like Coffee Board of India to the organizers to make this event a resounding success,” he said.

The past four editions of the grand show have been held at London, Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia and this is the first time it will be hosted in an Asian country. The decision to shift to Asia signifies the growing influence of some of the countries such as Vietnam, China, Indonesia and India in global coffee trade.

“This is the most important event on our calendar, which marks the time when the ICO gathers all leading experts from across the world to discuss the most important challenges the world coffee sector is facing today. Asia is extremely important…  In the past three decades the Asian share of world coffee production has grown from 16% to 32%,”Jose Dauster Sette, Executive Director, International Coffee Organization said.  

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