NAFED issues international tender to buy, import 100,000 tonnes of corn

NAFED has issued an international tender to purchase and import up to 100,000 tonnes of corn (maize), European traders revealed to Reuters. The corn should be sourced from Ukraine, they said. The tender closes on December 3 with offers having to remain valid up to December 24.

NAFED, the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India, is seeking corn free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), they said.

Shipment is sought in 2020 between Jan. 10 and Jan. 31. Some 50,000 tonnes is sought for shipment to the port of Mangalore and 50,000 tonnes to the port of Tuticorin.

Offers are sought on c&f free out terms which include some ship unloading costs.

Indian buyers had issued a series of corn import tenders earlier this year, but import demand from the country has been generally quiet since the last reported tender in August, one trader said.

Besides human consumption, maize is a major raw material of poultry/ Animal feed industry. It also has industrial use for the production of starch and is extensively used in the production of Ethanol.

In India, there are mainly two crop seasons for maize (Rabi & Kharif). In Rabi season, maize is harvested in the month of mid-April to August. In Kharif Season, maize is harvested in the month of mid-October to November.

Unfortunately, maize happens to be one of the neglected crops in the procurement map of Govt. of India at Minimum Support Price. Food Corporation of India, the agency responsibile for procurement of maize under PSS insists that the procured stock is utilized in the State schemes only. As a result, neither the State nor the Central Government buy the Maize under PSS. The maize farmers suffer particularly in Bihar where the crop is cultivated thrice a year.

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