India’s rabi crop sowing reaches 572 lakh hectares


IAC photo by Parivartan Sharma

India’s rabi acreage to go up by 6.6 per cent to 572 lakh hectares this week over the corresponding week last year, according to rabi sowing data released by the Agriculture Ministry. The total planted area under winter crop the same week last year was 536 lakh hectares.

There was an almost 10 per cent increase in area under wheat till this week to 297 lakh hectares over same period in the previous rabi season. Much of this increase was reported from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, the States that received substantially higher monsoon rainfall.

The other traditional wheat-growing States such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, on other hand, reported either the same level as last year or less area under wheat so far.

Rice acreage has increased to 13.9 lakh hectares, about 16.5 per cent more than same week last year, because of Tamil Nadu, where rice planting increased by 18 per cent to close to 9 lakh hectares.

Among pulses crops, planting of gram has been 5 lakh hectares (or 5.64 per cent) more than the corresponding week last year.

Total area under pulses crop as of now is 140 lakh hectares as against 137 lakh hectares in the corresponding week last year. Total coarse cereals area increased by close to 11 per cent to 46.66 lakh hectares. Planting of oilseeds too made a recovery this week. The total area under oilseeds till this week is 74 lakh hectares, nearly 1 per cent less than the area till the corresponding week last year.

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