Narendra Tomar announces approval for market access to sesame seeds from Brazil to India

The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Narendra Singh Tomar held a bilateral meeting with the Brazilian Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply Ms. Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa Dias at Krishi Bhawan in New Delhi to discuss various bilateral trade opportunities, interests and issues.

Union Minister Tomar announced approval for market access to sesame seeds from Brazil to India and thanked Brazil for granting market access to maize seeds from India. Tomar expressed pleasure at intensification of cooperation in the agriculture sector and of the warm, friendly and mutually beneficial relationship between India and Brazil.

The minister expressed happiness that the first meeting of the Joint Working Group on Agriculture was held last week and the major areas of interest emerging from the JWG meeting was exchange of germ plasm of livestock and Agriculture produce, insurance & credit programme of India and various other policies for small and family farmers.

He said that the bilateral trade at $ 1045 million in 2018-19 is way below potential and is not reflective of the strengths of both economies and there is a need to encourage more trade given the huge complementarities and synergies that exist between India and Brazil.

He said that India is interested in diversifying the commodity basket with regard to agricultural exports to Brazil. Brazil imports onions, fresh and dried grapes, wheat and meslin, maize, rice, soyabean and cotton from other countries of the world. The Union Agriculture Minister requested Brazil to explore sourcing these agricultural items from India.

Both Ministers were committed to resolving outstanding issues through continuous interaction. Both the sides agreed to expeditiously finalize the Work Plan under the MoU between ICAR and Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation (EMBRAPA) to ensure organized and sustained engagements in the suggested sectors.

The Brazilian minister said that Wheat, Rice, Millets, Sorghum are some of the products that India would like to export to Brazil and that she will try to move forward on this as far as possible. Ms. Dias also said that Brazil has a Zero Tariff Program which has a quota of 7.5 Lakh Tons which can be effectively utilized by India for furthering their exports to Brazil. She thanked India for opening the market for Sesame seeds of which India is a major exporter but Brazil can complement Indian production especially during the period between harvests. She also said that Brazil will keep on exporting Avocadoes and Citrus to India and is looking forward to expand the relationship in other products as well.

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