Mahindra Group displays its range of potato farming technologies at Global Potato Conclave 2020


India's potato production has increased from 43.4 million tonnes to 48.2 million tonnes in the current year, which is 11.1 per cent higher than the previous year, the agriculture ministry has said.

Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector and Mahindra HZPC Pvt Ltd; a joint venture of Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited and HZPC Holding B.V., the world’s largest seed potato player, participated in the Global Potato Conclave 2020 last month in Gujarat, India.

At the conclave Mahindra HZPC (MHZPC) showcased its 6 new seed potato varieties viz. Colomba, Memphis, Taurus, Sagitta, Ivory Russet and Innovator, which will help Indian potato farmers increase their income through better yield, market prices and quality attributes.

While the Innovator variety is already popular amongst the French fry manufacturers, Ivory Russet is a new entrant to this segment. Taurus, which caters to the chips industry has a uniquely long storage period, more so than any existing Indian variety. Colomba and Memphis are high yielding table varieties, while Sagitta can be used both in processing fries and table consumptions.

The Mahindra Group largely an automotive company also enjoys a strong presence in agribusiness, commercial vehicles, aerospace, components, defense, logistics, renewable energy, real estate, speedboats & steel, amongst other businesses.

Also showcasing its state-of-the-art precision farming and mechanization solution was Mahindra Farm Equipment sector with its best in class potato planters by Mahindra Dewulf, potato special Mahinda Novo & Mahindra Yuvo tractors and modern precision farming solutions of Soil mapping and fertilizer drilling. With its whole host of mechanization solutions and differentiated potato varieties, Mahindra is the only company in India which can offer an entire stack of solution for the Indian potato farmer.

At the Global Potato Conclave 2020, Mahindra also hosted a field day for farmers to experience Mahindra’s latest in potato farming technologies in a specially created demonstration area. Addressing the farmers Ashok Sharma,  President, Agri Sector, at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said “Mahindra has always been a pioneer in bringing world class solutions to Indian Agriculture. Today, we are proud to unveil six globally acknowledged varieties of seed potatoes to Indian farmers. We are confident that with this new portfolio, we would not only help potato farmers in getting premium from Indian consumers but also help processers and food companies in sourcing highest quality, processing amenable, potatoes from India.”

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