Tea production in India down by 35% till May 2020


Tea production in India has suffered a massive loss of 34.95 per cent so far this calendar year compared to the same period of 2019.

“Tea Board has now released the data for May which shows a production of 96.38 million kg against 134.32 million kg in May 2019 marking a massive loss of 37.94 million kg or 28.25 per cent in just one month,” revealed Global Tea Digest.  

This is due to adverse weather in both North and South Indian plantations and also the restrictions in field and factory operations due to the lockdown.

“Our compilation shows that India produced 209.74 million kg till May as against 322.42 million kg during Jan-May 2019”, Global Tea Digest said. This marked a massive decline of 112.68 million kg or 34.95 per cent.

This happened because of a sharp fall in North Indian output to 133.27 million kg from 246.93 million kg, a loss of 113.66 million kg or 46.03 per cent.

Till March, many North Indian factories had not resumed to normal production level due to the prolonged winter closure and restrictions. Soon thereafter, lockdown started limiting the operations. Collectively, all plantation pockets produced a lower output till May compared to 2019.

The south of India, however, managed to produce a marginally higher output. “Our compilation shows that till May, South Indian production rose to 76.47 million kg from 75.49 million kg, a marginal gain of 0.98 million kg or 1.30 per cent,” said Global Tea Digest. Tamil Nadu lost 1.59 million kg (3.02 per cent) to produce 51.02 million kg from 52.61 million kg previous year. However, Kerala offset this loss by producing 23.44 million kg from 21.30 million kg in Jan-May 2019, marking a gain of 2.14 million kg or 10.05 per cent.

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