Industry-supported food delivery platform expected to take on likes of Zomato, Swiggy from next year

A nationwide food delivery and restaurant aggregator platform supported by the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) is likely to go live from early next year, a top official said.

The apex industry body representing over 500,00 lakh restaurants across the country had announced this initiative in May this year to take on leading food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy.

A clear battle line has been drawn between the NRAI and tech-based popular food aggregators on the grounds that the new age players are trying to control the restaurant business with deep discounts and other offerings which make the business unviable for the stakeholders at the centre of the business.

“We are working with a leading tech company in preparing this app which would be ready by October end for the beta run. We will first implement it in a specific metro city for two months to understand and correct the possible shortcomings. We are hopeful to launch it by early next year at a larger scale,” Anurag Katriar, NRAI President told

He declined to to divulge the name of the partner engaged to create the larger technology architecture.

Explaining the broader contours of the delivery platform in making, Katriar said it will have ample scope for local delivery players.

“The platform will also facilitate logistics players involved in intra-city supplies becoming partners for restaurant units with high volume. This will be a critical element of our fight against dollar-funded digital lords who had started as brokers in our business but now intend to control it completely,” Katriar said.    

Launching a major battle against food aggregators last year, NRAI had initiated a campaign asking its members to move out of the registered list of tech-based food delivery majors. Following the campaign, some leading food aggregator firms had given indication of changing their discount policies.

NRAI, however, has gone a step ahead in creating a fresh tech-backed eco-system for its members. In May, it had announced a digital ordering and bill settlement solution in partnership with Gurgaon-based O2O commerce platform Dotpe for its members.  

Simultaneously, the association is also working on a comprehensive loyalty programme which its members can offer to their consumers.

“The basic framework of NRAI-supported loyalty programme is ready. We are waiting for the business to show some signs of getting back on the normal track. Once that happens, we will roll it out,” Katriar said.     

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