Go for cherries rather than peaches during lockdown


Photo by McBrain on Unsplash

Thinking about peaches and cherries during the lockdown? Sure, a word of advice though — it may be easier to go for cherries than peaches this year.

World peach and nectarine production is set to fall by 5% to 21.0 million tons because of bad weather in top producers China and the European Union.

China’s production is set to decline by 500,000 tons to 14.5 million tons due to heavy snow in growing provinces, while its exports are set to drop by one-third to 80,000 tons due to a Russian ban on imports of the fruit from the country, according to a US Department of Agriculture report. 

European Union production is forecast to fall over 600,000 tons to 3.5 million following last year’s near record supplies, as separate severe weather events have affected output in leading producers Spain, Italy, Greece, and France. 

Surplus peach production over the last several years has also shrunk the planting area in Spain, Italy, and France, with Spain shifting some production towards tree nuts.   

U.S. production is projected to contract 26,000 tons to 691,000 as orchards in Colorado and several East Coast states experienced damaging freezes.  

However, cherry supplies are in plenty.

World cherry production is set to rise 60,000 tons to 3.9 million as gains in Turkey, Chile, and China more than offset weather-induced losses in the European Union and United States. 

Higher output is expected to lift exports by 3.5% to 503,000 tons on strong shipments from Chile and Turkey. 

European Union production is expected to contract by 4.7% to 703,000 tons as frost and heavy rains in the spring affected output throughout most of the top growing states.

Despite lower supplies, fruit quality is expected to be good, and exports are forecast to remain nearly unchanged.

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