Power demand rises in India; green energy generation takes severe hit

Electricity generation in October 2020 was higher than a year ago level but remained lower than that in the previous month. Catering to the higher power demand, electricity generation registered an on-year growth for the second consecutive month in October, said a report by CARE Ratings.

Electricity generation was 3 per cent higher on-year during the month but was 3 per cent lower than that in September 2020. The monthly fall was sharper in the case of renewable energy at 12 per cent contraction, against the 2 per cent fall in the case of conventional energy. However, coal power pushed up overall electricity generation during the month and helped offset the sharp fall in renewable energy generation. 

While the seasonal factors are attributed to a significant fall in power consumption in the northern regions, higher demand in industries picked up the consumption in the western and southern regions, which rose to a 7-month high in October. The unlocking led to the faster resumption in industrial and commercial activity in the southern and western regions. 

In the first seven months of the current financial year, the nationwide lockdown and standstill businesses took the power demand to a 3-year low and 6.5 per cent lower than that in the corresponding period of 2019-20.

Meanwhile peak power demand is expected to touch record 5,400 Mega Watt (MW) this winter in Delhi. Discom Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (TPDDL), that supplies electricity to consumers in north and northwest Delhi, is expecting a peak demand of 1,700 MW this winter season,

With the capital city experiencing winters ahead of the schedule, and the minimum temperature being equivalent to several hill stations, Tata Power Delhi Distribution has promised adequate power availability during this winter season to 70 lakh residents in its area. 

TPDDL has made long-term power tie-ups for meeting the demand effectively. A total of 2,000 MW of power is available from long-term sources with the company which would help the anticipated demand. According to the officials of the India Meteorological Department, the minimum temperature will be comparatively lower this season vis-a-vis previous years, the spokesperson said.

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