Power consumption in India grows 4.8% in first half of December


India’s power consumption grew by 4.8 per cent to 50.36 billion units (BU) in the first half of December this year, showing consistency in economic activities, as per government data. Power consumption was recorded at 48.04 BU during December 1-15 last year, according to the power ministry data.

For the full month of December 2019, power consumption was 101.08 BU. Therefore, the extrapolation of half-month data clearly indicates that power consumption is likely to record a year-on-year growth for the fourth month in a row.

After a gap of six months, power consumption recorded a year-on-year growth of 4.4 per cent in September and 11.6 per cent in October. In November, the power consumption growth slowed to 3.7 per cent to 97.43 BU compared to 93.94 BU in the same month last year mainly due to early onset of winters.

The government had imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 25 to contain the spread of COVID-19. Power consumption started declining from March due to fewer economic activities in the country. The pandemic affected power consumption for six months in a row — from March to August this year.

Power consumption on a year-on-year basis declined 8.7 per cent in March, 23.2 per cent in April, 14.9 per cent in May, 10.9 per cent in June, 3.7 per cent in July and 1.7 per cent in August.

The data showed that electricity consumption had grown by 11.73 per cent in February. It showed improvement after April 20 due to easing of restrictions on economic activities.

Peak power demand met, the highest supply of power in the country in a day, in first half of December was also recorded higher at 166.33GW (on December 15) compared to 156.47 GW during December 1 to 15 period, last year.

In November, peak power demand met was recorded at 160.77 GW, which was 3.5 per cent higher than 155.32 GW in the same month last year. The peak power demand met in October was recorded at 169.88 GW, 3.4 per cent higher than 164.25 GW in the same month last year.

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