India increased minimum support prices (MSPs) for all crops in the range of 40-70% last year


Union Minister for aviation, Hardeep S Puri has said that the government has not only implemented the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee to increase MSP to 1.5 times of the cost of production but it increased MSP in the range of 40-70% in case of all crops. The government’s expenses for procurement at MSP has increased by 85% in the past five year, he added.

The budget of the Department of Agriculture has gone up six times in as many years, the minister informed. He further said that the government would not allow anyone to take the farmer’s land.

Puri said that the Amul co-operative success has shown that despite the fragmented small scale producer system that might be present in a sector, people can come together to create a raging success story. He added that today, Amul is not just producing milk, but much of its revenue comes from processed foods exported worldwide. This is the kind of success story we want for our farmers through these reforms. 

He added that government has created 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations which bring small and marginal farmers together and give them access to social capital, information and negotiating power.

Under the Kisan Samman Nidhi, the government has already paid Rs 1,10,000 crore to support the farmers. In addition the government has paid Rs. 87,000 crores as insurance to farmers against a premium of Rs 17,450 crores. Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Fasal Bima Yojana has Puri said that Punjab and Haryana account for around 30% of the national food production and around 70% of our MSP procurement happens from these states.

He added that a 2018 study by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development showed that 52.5 per cent of all agricultural households were indebted, with an average debt of $1,470. He reiterated that the agricultural reform laws intend to create the right ecosystem to support them, guide them and make them Atmanirbhar (self reliant).

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