India likely to export 10 million tonnes of non-Basmati rice in 2020-21 season


After having already exported around 7 million tonnes of non-basmati rice till November 2020, India is likely to export around 10 million tonnes in the 2020-21 season, said All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA). This could be a record year for non-basmati rice exports for the country, AIREA said.

India had exported around 5.04 million tonnes of non-basmati rice in the 2019-20 season. The country had exported 8 million tonnes in 2017-18, the highest export of non-basmati rice so far, B Krishna Rao, president, AIREA, said to Financial Express. “Indian prices are very attractive. The huge price difference is making exports possible,” he said.

Indian non-basmati rice varieties are around 10% cheaper than other rice exporting countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. The Indian rice is priced around $ 370-380 per tonne as against $ 460-470 a tonne for Thailand and Vietnam rice.

Vinod Kaul, executive director, AIREA, said there has been a huge demand for non-Basmati rice varieties this year and India has become a reliable supplier to many countries, including African nations, even during the pandemic. “Both Thailand and Vietnam had stopped rice exports during the lockdown, while India continued and this worked to the advantage of the country”, he explained.

Non-basmati rice exports from India rose by 123 per cent in the April-November 2020 period to 7.03 million tonnes, against 6.12 million tonnes in the year-ago period. Exports in November 2020 were higher by 159 per cent at 0.90 million tonnes, against 0.35 million tonnes same time last year, Kaul said. It is also believed that consumption of rice in African nations went up during the lockdown period because of the comfort food factor. India gained in this period since both Thailand and Vietnam had stopped supplies.

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