China’s total meat imports to rise marginally amid recovery from swine flu

China’s total imports of meat this year will be 1% higher than a previous estimate, though the country’s total meat consumption would remain below pee-African Swine Flu levels, according to the US Department for Agriculture (USDA).

The impact of African Swine Flu is expected to have reached its zenith last year, pressuring consumption.But demand has rebounded, which means that China’s total meat imports are now estimated 4% higher for last year.

While pork import growth slowed in the fourth quarter of last year, it nevertheless exceeded expectations that has led to a more bullish outlook for 2021.

Global pork production for this year has been revised up nearly 2% to 103.8 million tons due to the Chinese hog sector’s ongoing recovery from African Swine Flu.

On the other hand, global beef production has come down fractionally to 61.2 million tons, primarily due to lower output in the United States and China.

However, export levels are seen unchanged from last year at 10.8 million tons amid robust demand from Asia.

Even the world’s chicken meat output has been revised 1% lower to 101.8 million tons, driven by sharp declines in the European Union and China.
The European Union is battling a highly-pathogenic avian flu across several member states, which has caused weaker demand.

The disease has even spread to India and parts of Asia.

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