NTPC’s Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Station in Madhya Pradesh fully operational


State-owned power giant NTPC announced that unit-2 of its Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Station with 800 megawatt (MW) capacity, in Madhya Pradesh has been included in its installed electricity generation capacity. With this, the 1,600 MW Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Station (2 x 800 MW) has become fully operational.

Located at Gadarwara in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh, this is a greenfield project of NTPC. The Unit-1 of the project was synchronised in early 2019. “Unit-2 of 800 MW capacity of Gadarwara Super Thermal Power Project has successfully completed trial operation and consequently included in the installed capacity of NTPC,” the company said in a regulatory filing.

With this, the total installed capacity of NTPC and NTPC group has become 52,110 MW and 64,875 MW respectively.

Madhya Pradesh already has three major power plants operated by NTPC. The Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station (SSTPS) was set up in 1977. It is a pit head Thermal Power Station having an installed capacity of 2000 MW with five units of 200 MW each and two units of 500 MW each.

The Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Project of NTPC is located in the district of Sidhi/ Singrauli in the State of Madhya Pradesh. This project is in Singrauli region which adjoins the State of Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh.  Vindhyachal is a pithead Power Station with installed capacity of 4760 MW { 1260 MW (6X210 MW) under Stage-I , 1000 MW (2X500 MW) of Stage-II), 1000 MW (2X500 MW) under Stage-III, 1000 MW (2X500 MW) under Stage-IV and 500 MW(1×500 MW) under Stage-V }.

The Rihand Super Thermal Power Project (RhSTPP) is located in the District of Sonebhadra in the state of Uttar Pradesh and 225 KM from Varanasi and is the third NTPC project in the Singrauli region.  RhSTPP is a pithead power station with a capacity of 3000 MW in three stages, 1000 MW (2×500 MW each) in Stage-I, 1000 MW (2×500 MW each) in Stage-II and  Stage-III.

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