Coal mining assets worth Rs 28,747 crore to be monetised till FY25

The government has identified 160 coal mining assets worth an estimated at Rs 28,747 crore for monetisation over four years till FY25. “The Ministry has identified more than 160 projects for private-sector participation towards improving efficiency as well as scaling up production. The projects are expected to be implemented over the next 2-3 years,” according to the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) prepared by Niti Aayog and released by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday this week.

These includes 17 projects on mine developer and operator (MDO) model, establishment of three washeries, one coal gasification plant, 35 identified first-mile connectivity projects for building coal silos/ mechanised loading, operationalisation of four discontinued/ abandoned projects and commercial auction of mines.

The total indicative value of assets considered for monetisation is estimated at Rs 28,747 crore over FY 2022-25, it said. About Rs 22,625 crore of the assets are expected to be tendered out during FY 2022 itself. However, the actual capital expenditure (capex) will be phased out across the next three years.

The monetisation value in the pipeline has been accordingly considered based on actual capex phasing assumed over 4-5 years.

About 761 mineral blocks are expected to be put on auction during FY22-FY25. In FY22, auction of 138 mineral block assets will take place, followed by 253 mineral block assets in 2022-23, 210 in 2023-24 and 160 in 2024-25.

“For the…mineral blocks, monetisation value has not been determined. The premium amount that may accrue to auctioning authorities typically depends upon the quality and quantity of the resources, and the market prices during the lease period,” it said. Reserve positions of many mines are not known at present and are yet to be ascertained by the state governments. Therefore, the information regarding estimated proceeds from auction of such mineral blocks can be discovered only after the auction process is completed and mining has commenced, it added.

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