India’s mineral production rises by 24% in August 2021

The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector for August stood at 103.8, which was 23.6 per cent higher as compared to the year-ago month, the mines ministry said on Monday.

The cumulative growth for the April-August 2020-21 period has increased 25.1 per cent as against the year-ago period, the ministry said in a statement.

Production level of important minerals in August, 2021 were: Coal 539 lakh tonnes, Lignite 37 lakh tonnes, Natural gas (utilized) 2851 million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 25 lakh tonnes, Bauxite 1737 thousand tonnes, Chromite 175 thousand tonnes, Copper conc. 10 thousand tonnes , Gold 89 kg, Iron ore 197 lakh tonnes, Lead concentrate 33,000 tonnes, Manganese ore 180,000 tonnes, Zinc concentrate 133000 tonnes, Limestone 311 lakh tonnes, Phosphorite 123,000 tonnes, Magnesite 10,000 tonnes and Diamond 38 carat.      

The minerals whose production showed positive y-o-y growth during August 2021 were chromite, lignite, magnesite and bauxite. Other minerals that showed negative growth were diamond, gold and petroleum (crude).

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