Cotton Association of India estimates cotton output at 360.13 lakh bales for 2021-22 crop year

The Cotton Association of India (CAI) estimated cotton production in India at 360.13 lakh bales for the crop year (October-September) 2021-22, due to expectation of better yield. The total cotton production in the last season is estimated at 353 lakh bales, which is 7.13 lakh bales less than the current season, the CAI said in a statement.

“The cotton yield is estimated to be excellent and the farmers are expected to go for the third and fourth pickings due to good availability of water following a good monsoon,” CAI president Atul Ganatra told the Press Trust of India (PTI).

The total estimated cotton supply till end of the 2021-22 season, that is up to September 30, 2022, was at 445.13 lakh bales, which consists of the opening stock of 75 lakh bales at the beginning of the season, crop for the season estimated at 360.13 lakh bales and imports for estimated at the same level as in the last year at 10 lakh bales.

Domestic consumption for the 2021-22 crop year is estimated at the same level as in the last year, that is 335 lakh bales, CAI said.

The exports of cotton season 2021-22 estimated by the CAI are 48 lakh bales against 78 lakh bales estimated for 2020-21. “We have estimated exports to be lower than the previous season as the domestic cotton prices have firmed up to be at par with the rates in the US,” Ganatra said. The carry over stock estimated at the end of the season on September 30 is 62.13 lakh bales.

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