After UK, USA also joins the International Solar Alliance as its 101st member

The United States of America has also signed up to be a member to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA). It is now the 101st member country to make an entry into this initiative.

“In a big boost to accelerate global adoption of solar energy, John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, announced at the UNFCCC COP26 that the USA has joined the ISA as a member country,” ISA said in a statement.

The entry of United States is likely to further catalyse the global energy transition through a solar-led approach, according to the statement. Signing the framework agreement, Kerry said in the statement, “It has long been coming, and we are happy to join the ISA, which prime minister Narendra Modi took the lead in making. We worked out the details and this is a process we are pleased to be a part of.”

He added that this will be an important contribution to the more rapid deployment of solar globally and it will be particularly important for developing countries.

The ISA framework was first circulated for the support of countries in 2016. It emphasized delivering global relevance and local benefit to all countries through collaborations.

The ISA’s key interventions will be focusing on readiness and enabling activities, risk mitigation and innovative financing instruments to facilitate the promotion and deployment of solar technologies in target markets.

The approach and methods detailed in the framework have already delivered results, with ISA building a solar project pipeline of nearly 5 gigawatt (GW) installed capacity. Further, the approach in this framework will culminate in a vision for interconnected global grids, which was formalised and jointly launched as the ‘Green Grids Initiative: One Sun One World One Grid’ during the World Leaders Summit of the COP26 in Glasgow recently.

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