India’s tea production up during January- September 2021 period

The tea production in India has increased to 97.52 million kgs (Mkgs) during January- September 2021 period in contrast with 2020. Further, the projected production in the calendar year 2021 is expected to be around 1360 MKG in comparison with 1257 Mkg in 2020, according to the Tea Association of India (TAI).

According to TAI, world over, the output of black tea has shot up by 94.45 Mkgs during January -September period compared to 2020. 

Tea has emerged as a plant-based functional food geared by the wellness aspect, discovery of premium tea and consumers’ quest for understanding of the many layers of tea taste and variants available to them and its eco=friendly packaging has led to a rise in online marketing over offline marketing of tea, said TAI.

Exports from India however, are likely to see a slump of around 8-10 per cent during January-December 2021 as compared to the same period last year. The drop in export is primarily attributed to the high prices of Indian CTC (crushed, tear and curl) tea and the higher freight rates.

Data available on the website of the Tea Board of India suggests that during the period from January-August 2021, the country’s tea exports declined by around 12 per cent at 118.84 mkg, as compared with 134.47 mkg same period last year.

The projected export of teas from India for 2021 is likely to be 200 million kg as against 209 Mkgs in 2020 and 252 million kg in 2019.

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