Sugar production in India reaches 21 lakh tonness in November till now: ISMA

Sugar production in the country between October 1 and November 15 for the current sugar season has touched 20.90 lakh tonnes, as many sugar mills began crushing operations early. Last year, sugar mills had produced 16.82 lakh tonnes in the same period.

Compared to 289 sugar factories, which were crushing sugarcane till November 15, 308 sugar mills are crushing sugarcane this year in the same period, a statement issued by the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said. With an estimated sugar production of 305 lakh tonnes, India will have another surplus year and could export about 60 lakh tonnes of the surplus sugar during 2021-22 season, the trade body said.

Several sugar mills in the south and west started their operations earlier this season, because of which sugar production till November 15 this year is slightly higher, the trade body said. Sugar mills have so far contracted to export 25 lakh tonnes of sugar in the 2021-22 season.

Out of this, about 2.7 lakh tonnes has been physically exported out of the country in October. Last year, around 1.96 lakh tonnes were exported in the corresponding month, ISMA said. As per market reports, another over 2 lakh tonnes is in pipeline to be physically exported this month.

Meanwhile, in Uttar Pradesh, crushing season in the current season was delayed by a few days due to unseasonal rains in third week of October. Currently, 74 sugar mills have started crushing operations for this season and have produced 2.88 lakh tonnes of sugar, ISMA said. Last year in the same period, 76 mills were in operation and they had produced 4 lakh tonnes of sugar. The crushing season in Maharashtra and Karnataka started from the second week of October.

In Maharashtra, 134 sugar mills have commenced their crushing operations by November 2021 and have produced 8.91 lakh tonnes of sugar. Around 120 mills operated last season to produce 6 lakh tonnes of sugar in the corresponding period.

In Karnataka, 63 sugar mills were in operation as on November 15 and have produced 7.62 lakh tonnes, as against 60 mills which were operating last year to produce 5.66 lakh tonnes of sugar at the same time.

Shekhar Ghosh is a communications consultant and and former journalist, who has edited and written for publications such as like Business India, Business Standard, Business Today and Outlook.

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