Non-Basmati rice exports likely to cross 17 million tonnes this financial year: BV Rao, president, Rice Exporters Association

Exports of non-Basmati rice are poised to cross 17 million tonnes (MT) for the current financial year. Exports have already crossed 12.53 MTfor the current season against 13 MT for the entire 2020-21 season, BV Rao, president, Rice Exporters Association (REA), told Financial Express.

According to data released by the association, non-Basmati rice exports have recorded a 51.8% rise between April and December last year, over the previous year’s corresponding period, due to high purchases made by China and Bangladesh.

Non-basmati rice shipments crossed 12.53 MT over April-December 2021, compared to 8.25 MT in the same period last year. In value terms, the non-basmati rice shipments were up by 46% at $ 4.48 billion compared to $ 3.07 billion same time last year.

In the April to December 2021 period, Bangladesh imported 1.58 MT in the current year, as against 13,811 tonne for the same period the previous year. In value terms, this translates to $596 million for the April-December 2021 period as against $13.47 million for the April to December 2020 period.

Rao said that although Bangladesh has been the largest purchaser of non-Basmati rice from India in the 2021 period, the country has not been buying from India for the last four months since their purchases are largely determined by government decisions.

China has imported 0.9 MT from India in the April to December 2021 period valued at $275 million, while the imports from the April to December 2020 period were 33,705 tonne and the shipments were worth $ 10,29 million for this period. Rao stated that China may continue to purchase rice from India and the shipments from India are likely to cross 1.5 MT for the entire year. Other major buyers of Indian rice include Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Somalia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Togo, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Russia, among others. Recently, the agriculture ministry said that the country’s exports of Basmati and non-Basmati rice are likely to touch 21-22 MT for the current fiscal.

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